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The Chagoi is known as the “gentle giant”. They are not the most colorful or fanciest of Koi varieties, but make of for that in other fabulous ways! Chagoi are the friendliest and most docile Koi breed to the point that most actually like interaction with people. In as such they tend to make all of your other fish more friendly and trusting. They are also known to grow large and grow quickly. They come in various shades from brown, reddish brown, beige, copper/rootbeer, and even shades of green.

A Good Chagoi

Chagoi are judged for quality by how consistent the color is from head to tail number one. A good one has only one shade throughout with no other markings or colors. Chagoi can however get temporary blackish marks on the body from handling. These marks quickly go away however and are of no concern when judging quality.

Also very important with this breed is the scale reticulation when speaking of the scaled version. Good scale reticulation has no scales out of place, and you should see a very faint fish net pattern. This faint pattern comes from each scale being trimmed in black or dark color. This trimming is VERY slight as if traced with a sharpened fine point pencil. It is so faint most folks don’t notice, but it is what causes this uniform reticulation of the scale pattern.

Darker brown or blackish Chagoi are considered low grade and normally culled from the population.

Written by John Fornaro, Hanover Koi Farms. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY HANOVER KOI FARMS, COPYRIGHT © 2017
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