Flemish Giant Rabbits by HKF

Here at Hanover Koi Farms/Aka HKF, we not only breed and sell some of the best Koi and Butterfly Koi, but we also breed and sell awesome Giant Flemish Rabbits! These are not your ordinary pet rabbits. This breed grows from 15 pounds for males and up to 25 for females! They are known as gentle giants because they are just that. Very friendly and loving, and super intelligent! They are very trainable and easily litter box trained. As a matter of facts all of our young ones are pre-trained to litter boxes. These rabbits are smarter than cats, and much friendlier towards people and other animals.They act more like dogs than rabbits. You will be amazed at their wonderful personalities.

While we have pedigree parent stock, we do not pedigree our offspring. It is simply too much trouble and would do nothing but add to their cost. We do however breed “true” by pedigree standards. We specialize in Fawn, Light Gray, and Sandy color variations of the Flemish Giants. and selective breed for optimum colors and size.

Here are example photos of the color variations we carry:









Light Grey

To check current availability please email us :

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