Koi Herpesvirus (KHV)

Biology, History, Quarantine, what it means to You

For those of you that don’t already know, this virus was viciously sweeping through the Koi world both nationally and especially internationally starting back around the early 2000’s. It is still around today and actually known to be in  many wild streams, lakes and rivers in the USA and abroad, but it has slowed down at least. Back when it started there was widespread panic running through the Koi world.Because it is still around and common you still need to be careful where you aquire your fish.

It has always been an important factor where you purchase your fish, but today it is even more important. There are many farms and dealers out there that do not have the proper quarantine, treatment and biosecurity measures in place, and this has caused the spread of this virus to continue to this day in 2017. How bad is it? Well it is so bad that here at Hanover Koi Farms we have closed the doors to any imported fish whatsoever, be it foreign or domestic. Even though we are totally set up biosecurity-wise for bringing in fish from outside sources, we will no longer do it. We have one of the most biosecure farms on the planet, as well as extremely good quarantine protocols, but to further protect my farm from the virus, we have closed the doors to any fish from outside sources. For the most part we never did this anyway, except for purchasing new broodstock.

To get further details and information on the virus, you can click on the videos below. This presentation was done back in 2008 so some of the miscellaneous facts may be outdated. However the basic facts on the virus and its testing still apply today. In parts of this presentation I refer to Dr  Goodwin at the University of Arkansas, but he no longer works there.

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Part 2












Part 3












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Part 5





















Written by John Fornaro, Hanover Koi Farms. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY HANOVER KOI FARMS, COPYRIGHT © 2017

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