John's Pick (Tategoi) Koi and Butterfly Koi

 Johns Picks Tategoi represent some of the best that Hanover Koi Farms has to offer. These fish are hand selected out of thousands of fish for overall quality. They will usually be the best we have to offer in a given breed of Koi or Butterfly Koi. They are chosen primarily for their future potential. This takes a trained eye to be able to see the future in these fish, and hopefully they will do nothing but improve with age. After all this is how you should buy young Koi…for the future development, and not always what they look like right now. Many folks do not have the knowledge or experience to pick young fish with high potential for the future. This is why the JP Tategoi Grade was created. We have already done the work for you based on our many years of experience with koi development.

John's Pick Koi Prices


4″-6″                                                  $64.99

6″-8″                                                   $99.99

8″-10″                                                $174.99

10″-12″                                             $399.99

12″-14″                                             $474.99

14″-16″                                             $524.99

16″-18″                                             $549.99

18″-20″                                             $574.99

John's Pick BUTTERFLY Koi Prices






8″-10″                                            $244.99

10″-12″                                          $554.99

12″-14″                                          $654.99

14″-16″                                          $699.99

16″-18″                                          $749.99



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