We stand behind all the products we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
No snake oils here!

Here at Hanover Koi Farms we only sell quality products that we ourselves use and know work! Today, there are many products on the market which do not do what they claim! As a matter of fact, some of these products can actually harm your fish!

All of our products have been thoroughly tested over time, and have met or exceeded our standards of excellence. We carry all the items required to keep your fish healthy and your water safe. You will also find our prices to be very competitive. We carry many hard-to-find items as well, and if we don’t have what you want, we can probably get it quickly.

We won’t just sell you our products, we’ll show you how to use them and tell you what to expect from them. You’ll get a thorough understanding of each product you purchase and we’ll even throw in some tricks of the trade! Let us be your “one-stop shop” for quality products and accessories to help keep your fish healthy and looking good.

Our Koi

Some great fish will be listed and sold in this catalog as well, so keep checking back for new additions and great deals on the healthiest fish available. We have many, many more fish available than just the ones listed in this catalog. So, if you are looking for something in particular, simply email us, and we can let you know if we have it. We have one of the largest selections of fish anywhere! These fish and products are available for shipping year-round.

All fish are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good condition or we will replace or refund them!

Shipping Koi

Fish will be shipped Fedex Next Day Services and shipping is done on Mondays through Wednesdays only, Whichever day you choose, you must be available to receive your order at time of delivery.

Shipping costs for fish range from $20.00 to $150.00 per box, depending on the total weight, number of fish, and distance from Hanover, Pennsylvania.

If you live within the highlighted area pictured here, shipping will typically be less than $25 per box.

We generally have five sizes of shipping boxes we utilize: 5lb, 12lb, 18lb, and 30lb. We will pick the least expensive/lightest box required to ship your fish based on fish sizes and quantities. See our Koi for Sale page for shipping details

You only pay the shipping charges the carrier charge. We do not mark up these costs whatsoever. There is however a $5.00-7.00 box charge to cover the costs of shipping materials.

As stated above, at the time of order, the prices for fish listed for sale will not include the shipping charges for the required Next Day door to door service. When ordering only products /dry goods, the shipping rates will be calculated automatically based on the shipping methods you choose, and will be included with your online order. However, you will have to be contacted after you place your order in regards to the shipping rates for all fish ordered online. These shipping charges will be billed separately and prepaid in most cases, and be in addition to the costs of the fish. All costs must be made and processed prior to the fish being shipped. Shipping of fish is expensive, so we highly recommend that you get a quote for shipping PRIOR to ordering. We will need a zip code to give you a shipping quote.

Credit card purchases for products are usually expedited on the same day as purchased when done on weekdays, and are shipped daily and ASAP. Also keep in mind that “product only” (no fish) orders will include shipping in your total upon checkout.

Payment Methods

We accept Paypal as well as major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you are not a PayPal member nor wish to become one, we accept Visa and MasterCard only. For fast and simple registration with PayPal, which is free and very secure, Click Here.

Gift Certificates

To pay with a HKF gift certificate, select Gift Card as your payment method on the Checkout page (right below the Authorize.net option). Then follow the prompts and enter the unique gift certificate serial number located on the front of your gift certificate. We will process your order and keep track out your certificate balance. Note that gift certificates specified for either just fish or just food cannot be applied to items other than what is specified on the card.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our fish, products, articles, or policies, email us at [email protected]

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