Gift Certificates

HKF Gift Certificates

Sale 10% Off

We are running a sale on Gift Certificates from $200 and up for 10% OFF their face value! This sale runs for a limited time until Jan, 2nd 2021. They can be used to purchase anything we stock.

These reduced price gift certificates  cannot be redeemed during any other sales or promotions we may have in the future unless otherwise noted during those future sales.

We also have standard gift certificates available by request from $25 up to $1000. These are good for anything we normally sell and/or stock from fish to, products to pond equipment!  We can also do custom amounts for higher values if need be. Just email us if you need  one for more then $1000. Otherwise simply click on the dollar amount of the GC’s below.

These full priced Gift certificates MAY BE USED during any other sales or promotions.

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