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22" Waterfall Box- PondBuilder Elite Biological Filter (6000GPH)

Price: $499.99

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Product Summary

Waterfall Width: 22” Spillway
Dimensions: 31” x 30.5” x 23”
Max. Rec. Pump Flow: 6000 gph
Inlet Size: Two - 2” Spinwelds

These waterfall boxes make beautiful water features as well as functional biological filters!  They are simple to install, even in existing ponds and will handle pump flow rates from 3500 GPH  up to 20,000 GPH.  Each box includes 2 spinweld  plumbing fittings for inputs from pumps, reversible foam-dispersing floating weir doors, and removable lids that can be mulched, lined with rocks, and/or planted to accent your pond's landscaping.

Shipping costs will be additional and billed separately from this order. You can Contact Us for a shipping quote and to arrange shipping.

When choosing a waterfall box, simply select the waterfall with the closest matched HIGHER flow rate than your pump. In other words you can't have a waterfall with a lower GPH rating than your pump. For example if you have a 3000 GPH pump you would need the rated rated above 3000 GPH and that would be the 3500 GPH waterfall with the 14 inch spillway. 

If you have a 6000 GPH pump you would need the waterfall filter rated at or above 6000 GPH and that would be the 6000 GPH waterfall with the 22 inch spillway so on and so forth. 

Product Description

In addition to providing basic biofiltration in the form of space for biological filter media, the PondBuilder Elite Series Waterfall Filters are able to create beautiful high-volume waterfalls while blending seamlessly into your pond's landscape. The durable mold is reinforced with multiple ribs and gussets to make this a long lasting waterfall filter. The Elite Waterfall Filter has a removable landscape lid that can be covered with rocks, mulch or adorned with aquatic plants, while still allow easy access to your filter media. PondBuilder Elite Series Waterfall Filters also feature dual intake ports to install plumbing on either side or for installing a cleanout discharge.

Features of each Elite Waterfall Box

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