15″ Skimmer Box- Pondbuilder Elite Mechanical Filter (20,000GPH)


Weir Opening: 15”
Dimensions: 30.75” x 23.5” x 26”
Dimensions of Pump Area:
19” x 10” (top) 19” x 14” (bottom area)  x 21” max. water depth
Max. Pump Flow: 20,000 gph

PondBuilder Elite Series Skimmers provide mechanical filtration for your pond with three different sizes available to best match your pump flow and pond size! The Elite Series Skimmers skim away debris, leaves and other floating materials before it can settle to the bottom of your pond, clog your pump, or get into your biofiltration.

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When choosing a skimmer box, select the skimmer with the closest matched HIGHER flow rate than your pump. In other words you can’t have a skimmer with a lower GPH rating than your pump. For example if you have a 3000 GPH pump you would need the skimmer rated above 3000 GPH and that would be the 5000 GPH skimmer with the 8 inch intake opening. 

If you have a 6000 GPH pump you would need the skimmer rated above 6000 GPH and that would be the 10,000 GPH skimmer with the 10 inch intake opening so on and so forth.

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If reducing maintenance and protecting the life of your pond pump are important to you, then investing in a PondBuilder Elite Skimmer is key.  The two stage mechanical filtration includes a debris net and a filter mat. The Elite Series Skimmers houses and protects your pump and handles single or double pump configurations. A Natural Cover Lid is included with all Elite Series Skimmers for easy camouflaging in your landscape. PondBuilder Elite Series Skimmers are a contractor favorite because they are built to last!

The first line of defense against floating debris for any pond is the Pond Skimmer.  Here at HKF we utilize sheets of Matala in our skimmers to act as easily-cleaned prefilters, ensuring that large debris are filtered out before reaching the pump, where they can be "pureed" into a fine powder that is extremely hard to remove from the pond. They also keep large debris like leaves and other large floating things that enter the pond from reaching your biofiltration.

Features include:

  • Natural Cover Lid
  • Protects And Hides Pump
  • Plumbed With Over-Flow Spinweld Elbow
  • Two Discharge Options With UniSeals®
  • Matala® Mat Eases Skimmer Maintenance
  • Stronger Mesh Net Lasts Longer
  • Easy-To-Hide Snout With Buoyant Door
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • New Design Increases Strength

Additional information

Weight .00001 lbs
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