5.5 oz Dried Mealworms To Go Cup


5.5 oz cup of dried mealworms.  High in protein and energy-rich fats essential for laying eggs and raising hatchlings!  Great to offer in a dish feeder, specialized mealworm feeder, or to mix in with your usual seed mixes to draw more species.

Attracts bug eaters like eastern bluebirds, robins, wrens, orioles, robins, mockingbirds, and catbirds as well as cardinals, chickadees, sparrows, and finches.

Comes in a resealable cup!

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Dried mealworms are a great way to attract insect-eating species that won't normally come to seed feeders.  They also make a great suppliment in the diets of seed-eating birds.

High in protein and essential fats, these dried insect larvae perfectly mimic the insects that birds find in nature without the hassle of keeping live mealworms.

These mealworms can be offered in a dish or tray feeder, a specialized mealworm feeder, or can be mixed in with your normal seed mix to expand the number of species your attract! Also a great additive in homemade suet.

Birds attracted include

  • Eastern bluebirds
  • Robins
  • Mockingbirds
  • Catbirds
  • Orioles
  • Cardinals
  • Nuthatches
  • Sparrows
  • Wrens
  • Chickadees
  • Many more!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in
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