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Custom Pond Design Consultation Fee

Price: $250.00

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Product Summary

This is the consultation fee we at HKF request in exchange for provided a customized Koi pond design tailored to your ideas and budget.

This includes one-on-one consultations as to the specifications of your desired pond, a custom schematic including an equipment list and the necessary plumbing parts, and (where applicable) step-by-step instruction on how to build the pond and install equipment.

Product Description

This service is a personal, one-on-one pond design and construction consultation and instruction.  When you purchase this product you receive:

-Personal communication with an HKF Koi expert (John and/or Chris), over the phone, via email, or in person (or any combination of the three).  Multiple discussions may be provided throughout the design and construction process.

-A customized schismatic of your desired pond indicating filters, bottom drains, UV lights, pumps, and all included plumbing.

-A custom equipment list that includes the essential pieces necessary to give you a functional, aesthetic, clear pond that is the ultimate Koi  habitat.  Price estimates are included

-Step-by-step instructions for pond construction, and equipment installation as well has how properly maintain your new pond and fish for years to come!

If you won't be doing the construction yourself, we can provide free quotes from our professional pond-buiilding team that can build your dream pond or water feature for you!

We can provide all the information and instruction to construct your dream pond by yourself, or with the help of our professional pond crew!



Note: the above features are an outline of services typically provided with the consultation, each individual pond and project will be different and require a different approach which will be agreed upon by the consultant(s) and customer.  Exceptionally advanced designs or situations may require an additional fee.  The amount of this additional fee as well as what constitutes an "exceptional" is up to the judgement of the consultant, who will notify the customer of the additional fee prior to provided the exceptional services.  Consultation fees are non-refundable, whether or not the customer proceeds with the project/ pond discussed.  HKF is not responsible for damages or injuries to individuals, property, or pets resulting from the customer's construction of the provided plans.  Likewise, HKF's instruction must be followed exactly in order for the constructed pond to be functional, fish safe, and crystal clear.





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