High Head Series Artesian 2 Pond / Waterfall Pumps (2″ union inlet & outlet)

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High Head Series Artesian 2 for the utmost in electrical efficiency when higher head comes into play. For example when pumping long distances or uphill when the pump is much lower than where you are pumping the water to. This pump will save you tons in electricity costs yet gives you the proper function for high head situations! The Artesian 2 is one of our best selling self-priming inline pumps.

(2″ union inlet & outlet)

Select a size from the menu below according to your system’s flow requirements.


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The Artesian2 pumps are molded of tough glass reinforced polypropylene. They are extremely strong and built for long term service. Their good self- priming characteristics allow them to be positioned above the supply source. The carefully designed internal water passages provide for high flow rates with minimal water noise. An easy open Lexan lid provides easy viewing and access to the oversized strainer basket. They are available in 1/8 to 1/2 hp at 1725 rpm and 1/2 to 3 hp at 3450 rpm.

(2" union inlet & outlet)

PerformancePro Pumps are easy to install, inexpensive to operate, and a joy to own.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Select the Proper GPH rated Pump

1/2HP (6480 GPH @10' head), 3/4HP (7080 GPH @10' head), 1 HP (8280 GPH @15' head), 1 1/2HP (9420 GPH @15' head), 2HP (11100 GPH @15' head), 3HP (11820 GPH @20' head)

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