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It’s that time of year again, and just in time for the holidays we are holding our annual Koi food Pre Buy Gift Certificate sale for a very limited time thru January 2, 2020 only.
Fish Food Pre-Buy Sale Coupons/ Gift Certificates
Sale ends January 2, 2020
$50 Off Pre Buy Coupon for one large (33lb) bag of HKF Koi food.
As usual we are offering certificates/coupons for large 33lb bags of fish food at over 33% OFF! These 33lb bags normally sell for $148.50, but purchase one of these certificates now and pay only $99. This is only $3 per lb , and close to a $50 per bag savings for very high quality feed! This is the exact formula we use here at the farm. As you may know, feed is of utmost importance to us to assure good growth, color, and health of our fish. You won’t find a better Koi & Goldfish food anywhere, and especially at these prices!

See  “Description” below for important details

This is the ONLY fish food sale that will be held for the upcoming 2020 season, so don’t miss your chance.
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Here's How It Works
 As stated this sale will run for a very limited time during the holidays only. You purchase the certificates now, and redeem them anytime after March 26th, 2020 after we get our feed for the season made fresh from the mill. Certificates are only good towards the large 33lb bags and no other size.
After purchasing one or more of these certificates now during this sale, they can be redeemed anytime after March 26th 2019 by bringing them to the farm and picking up your feed, or they can be redeemed online through our online store, and the food will be shipped if that is what you prefer. Any shipping costs or sales tax will be an additional charge at the time you redeem the certificates in person or through the catalog online.
Again however, understand that NO FEED WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL March 27th or after associated with these reduced price coupons. As March 26th, 2020 you can redeem these certificates at the farm or use them to order the feed online for shipping to your door at an additional cost for shipping.
Miss out on this limited time sale and you will be paying full price for fish food once this sale ends, and for the rest of the season. So if I were you I would purchase as many certificates as you need to feed your fish all season long. Again , during this sale there is no limit per customer as to how many sale certificates you purchase. So if you normally use two or more large bags of feed per feeding season, you should purchase the appropriate number of certificates to take full advantage of these savings.


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