Magnum Mesh Thistle Goldfinch Feeder (5lb capacity)


Combines a tray and mesh-sided feeder to accommodate a HUGE number of goldfinches!

5 lb seed capacity

12″ High x 8.5″ Tray Diameter

Durable plastic and stainless steel mesh

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The Magnum Mesh Thislte (Nyger) Feeder offers a durable, inexpensive way to present thislte to your backyard flock!  Combining a mesh-sided feeder with a bottom tray accommodates clinging, perching, and ground-feeding birds. This feeder will support large numbers of Goldfinches at once, with plenty of room for the whole group.

Mesh Feeders use a loose metal screen that allows seeds to poke through the openings.  Songbirds cling to the mesh and pull the seeds from inside.   This is especially attractive to finches what prefer to hang or cling rather than perch on a level surface.  This style of feeder produces minimal waste and is highly entertaining to watch!

  • The no-rot plastic top cover and bottom tray, and stainless steel mesh will hold up to years of sun, rain, and bird use!

  • HUGE 5 lb capacity requires minimal refilling

  • The ideal feeder for Thistle: the best possible seed for attracting American Goldfinches


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Weight 3 lbs
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