Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate w/ Vitamins- Makes 40 oz

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8oz of powdered nectar- mix with 40 oz of water (NO BOILING NECESSARY) to make 40 oz of nectar in seconds!

Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and calcium for thicker, stronger eggshells and strong bones!

No harmful petroleum-based dyes-just natural insect-derived red coloring.


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Our powdered hummingbird nectar makes it easy to keep all your nectar feeders full throughout the entire hummingbird season (March-October here in PA).  It is simple to use and fortified with calcium and vitamins. This is not just sugar water!

With no boiling necessary, you simply add a packet into 40oz of water and mix! Quickly you've got enough nectar to keep your feeders (and hummingbirds) full for a couple weeks.

As stated, our nectar concentrate is fortified with vitamins and calcium! Like marathon runners, hummingbirds' metabolisms require large amounts of vitamins to function properly and, like all birds, supplemental calcium helps them produce thicker, stronger eggs that are more resistant to cracking.This is especially critical for the very delicate hummingbird eggs. This special formula also uses no petroleum-based dyes, just insect derived carmine pigment to give it that bright red color that hummingbirds associate with their natural food flowers.

We're been personally using this product for a year here at the Koi Farm and in 20 years, WE'VE NEVER SEEN AS MUCH HUMMINGBIRD ACTIVITY as we have since we started using this nectar.  Day after day after day, rain or shine, the little birds keep coming back to refuel with this nutritious nectar.

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