Le Petite Seed Wreath (Nut, fruit, and seed cake)

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1.5 lb Holiday-Wreath-Shaped seed cake with built-in hanging string.

Made from tree nuts, sunflower hearts, and dried fruits.

Ideal for fall, spring, and winter feeding of woodland species and the perfect gift for the birdwatcher you know!



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The Pine Tree Farms "Le Petite Seed Wreath" is a festive holiday wreath-shaped seed cake of nourishing seeds, nuts, and dried fruit to provide a holiday feast for the wild birds outside your window.

A whopping 1.5 lbs of seed, nuts, and dried fruits to keep your backyard flock well fed, and coming back day after day.


Sunflower hearts- easy to eat and energy dense, perfect for the smallest finches, chickadees, and titmice as well as woodpeckers and cardinals

Mixed tree nuts- high in energy-rich fats (essential for winter survival) and highly attractive to forest species like woodpeckers, flickers, titmice, nuthatches, and jays

Dried Fruit- a naturally sweet and colorful food that will coax normally feeder-shy fruit eaters like mockingbirds, catbirds, robins, bluebirds

Gelatin- a bird-safe binder that won't melt or turn rancid like suet. No filler-just enough to hold all the other ingredients together

Comes with hanging string

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in
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