Squirrel go Round Corn Cob Feeder (5 ears of Corn)

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Rotating squirrel feeder 14.5″ across- holds 5 individual ears of corn

Keep squirrels off your bird feeders by giving them a feeder of their own.

Provides ours of acrobatic squirrel antics!


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This is a 15" across squirrel-go-round squirrel feeder that offers 5 whole ears of corn at once, all secured on rotating arms that make the squirrels work for their dinner!

Squirrels need love too, especially in spring in fall when they're preparing for, or just coming out of their winter semi-hibernation.  They benefit greatly from supplemental feeding just like the birds, but squirrel feedersa ren't always the most entertaining to watch, since the little critters normally just sit, fill their stomachs, and leave.

This rotating wheel of tasty corn cobs encourages the squirrels to use their wit and acrobatics to earn their meal.  As they attempt to grab or walk out onto the corn holders, the feeder rotates making for highly entertaining squirrel feeding antics!

The main hanger, spokes, and corn holders are all durable powder coated metal and will hold up to years of squirrel abuse.

  • Keep squirrels off your bird feeders by giving them their own!

  • Hours of entertaining squirrel antics!

  • Metal L-bracket, spokes, and corn holders

  • Secures with two heavy duty wood screws (included)

  • Corn holders are all metal eye-screws that securely screw into the center of dried corn cobs- the perfect inexpensive squirrel food

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Weight 26 lbs

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