Super Bird Feeding Station- Pole+3 Feeders + 2 Dishes


The Super Bird Feeding Station Includes a 7 foot pole with 2 hooks at the top, a mesh sunflower seed feeder, a 2 port songbird feeder, a tube suet/cake feeder, a clear water dish with mouthing bracket, and a mesh tray feeder with mounting bracket

A complete backyard bird oasis in one package!

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This a 13" tall New Generation Mesh finch feeder made by Droll Yankees- THE top quality bird feeder manufacturer.  Specially designed for thistle/nyger/nyjer seed-0 the ultimate goldfinch attractor. The New Generation finch feeder features die-cast lid and base and an all metal mesh feeder. The Ultimate mesh feeder for American Goldfinches!

Mesh feeders allow finches to cling to the sides and pull thistle seeds out from between the mesh.  These types of feeders produce very little waste compared to finch feeders with ports/holes.  The mesh sides allow for 360 degree feeding- the finches are not limited by a number of perches!

Base has built-in threaded 3/4" pole adapter (pole not included).

Holds 1 lb of Thistle/Nyjer seed or other special finch seed mix.

  • Extremely durable die-cast lid and base with pole adapter

  • Very little wast! Unlike most finch feeders

  • 1 lb capacity

  • Perfect for American Goldfinches

  • Feed a whole flock- the number of finches is not limited by a set number of perches/feeding ports

  • Proudly made in America

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 18 x 6 in

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