Triple Tube Bird Feeder-10 lb capacity


This is a 18″ tall Topflight Select-a-Seed Triple Tube Bird feeder- Three tube feeders in one!  Feed three different kinds of seed– each tube has a quick-change feeding port to serve either mixed seed and sunflower seeds, or Nyger (thistle) seed.

Each tube has a roughly 3lb capacity (10 lbs total)

Combination of perched feeder ports, and a tray feeder to accommodate the largest possible variety of birds.

Domed lid doubles as a squirrel-resistant baffle

Copper finish

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This is a 18" tall Topflight Select-a-Seed Triple Tube Bird feeder- Three tube feeders with a single lid and base.  The oversized domed lid not only shelters birds from rain, but also serves to deter squirrels from accessing the feeder from above and stealing your valuable seed.

Each tube feeder features 2 perched feeding ports (6 total) and 2 feeding ports at the tray below (6 total), which will accommodate both perching birds like finches, sparrows, and chickadees, as well as ground feeders like cardinals, and doves!

The ports themselves can be instantly converted from large parts, which will accommodate mixed seed and sunflower seed, to narrow finch ports specially designed for Nyjer and special finch seed mixes.

  • Domed lid acts as a squirrel baffle-keep squirrels out

  • Perches and a tray

  • 10 lb total capacity (about 3 lbs per tube)

  • Each feeding port can be instantly adjusted for Nyjer (thistle) or mixed seed/sunflower seeds

  • 12 total feeding ports!


Additional information

Weight 26 lbs

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