Window Hummer III – Window Mounted Hummingbird Feeder


6 oz suction-cup window mounted hummingbird feeder with 2 feeding ports and ring perch.

Constructed of durable acrylic with a quick-connect mounting bracket to allow the feeder to be removed from the suction cup.

Bring hummingbirds closer than ever before!

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Window feeders are the best way to observe hummingbirds, which are often too small to be easily seen at any great distance.  Window mounted feeders like this one make great additions to the windows of your kitchen, bedroom, office, and any other exterior window!  The up-close view of the visiting hummingbirds is great fro kids and a wonderful conversation piece.

This is a 6 oz, 2 feeding port, window-mounted hummingbird feeder that features an easy-quick release suction cup mounting bracket (remove the feeder without removing the suction cup!).

Constructed of durable acrylic (NOT cheap plastic), this feeder has a ring perch to allow the birds to hover or rest while they feed.

Small capacity means you don't have replace 30 oz of nectar at a time, and the large easy-fill cap makes filling and cleaning a breeze.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in

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