Consultations- Sick Fish, Sick Pond Advice

If you are a current customer of Hanover Koi Farms, and need help with sick fish or a sick pond this advice is free and part of our services to our loyal customers. A “current customer” is someone that purchases from us on a regular/yearly basis. This includes the purchases of fish, fish food, products etc.

For pond design consultations  there may be a possible fee for anyone that wants us to design their new pond or redesign and existing one. You can read more details on pond design consultations on the HKF Pond page.

If you are not a current customer, and need fish or pond advice, we ask for a minimum donation of $50 to be paid using the Donate link below. You must enter at least $50 but if you love us you can surely give more LOL.

 Please understand that we get emails and phone calls  from  all over the world from folks asking for help with their fish or ponds. We try to help everyone, but this is getting quite difficult due to the sheer number of correspondence we receive. Understand that we will answer these in a priority fashion. Of course our loyal customers come first, then those that may choose to make a donation for our time. After those we will do our best to help anyone else as time allows. There is only so much time in a day  and we do want to help anyone, but there may be a delay in response from us during the peak season.


Current returning customers may contact us directly, and a donation is not required or needed for advice on sick fish and/or ponds. The is part of our service to our loyal customers!


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