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WE WILL BE CLOSED Thursday June 13th- all other hours will remain normal

Gift Certificate Sales

We have three types of Gift Certificates available at HKF. Two of them are at reduced pricing as well!
The first sale is our Koi food Pre Buy Gift Certificate . These are to purchase Koi food at a reduced rate and they get you $50 off of out large 33lb bags of Koi Feed, and any shipping required is FREE! See details below.
The second type of Gift Certificate are for the purchase of fish only, and these are on sale for 25% OFF! This means they can be redeemed for fish only and at the time they are redeemed you will pay 25% off of our normal retail prices for fish! They range from $25 up to $1000. See below for important details.
The third type of Certificates are our normal gift certificates that can be redeemed for anything we sell. These come in various denominations from $25 up to $1000 and they make great holiday gifts !

Annual Koi Food Pre Buy Sale

$50 OFF per 33lb Bag

Sales End January 2nd 2023

It’s that time of year again, and just in time for the holidays we are holding our annual Koi food Pre Buy Gift Certificate sale for a very limited time thru January 2, 2023 only.
As usual we are offering certificates/coupons for large 33lb bags of our proven Koi & Goldfish food at over 30% OFF and free shipping when required! These 33lb bags normally sell for $159.99, but purchase one of these certificates now and pay only $109.99. This is only $3.33 per lb , and is a $50 per bag savings for very high quality, breeder proven feed! This is the exact formula we use here at the farm. As you may know, feed is of utmost importance to us to assure good growth, color, and health of our fish. You won’t find a better Koi & Goldfish food anywhere, and especially at these prices!
This is the ONLY fish food sale that will be held for the upcoming 2023 season, so don’t miss your chance. 
These can be redeemed for one large 33lB bag of either type of feed we sell. (42% high protein Mini pellets or our larger 30% protein color enhancing pellet) anytime after March 27, 2023
There is no limit of the number of certificates that can be purchased per customer.
Here’s How It Works
 As stated this sale will run for a very limited time during the holidays only. You purchase the certificates now, and redeem them anytime after March 27th, 2023 after we get our feed for the season made fresh from the mill. Certificates are only good towards the large 33lb bags and no other size.
After purchasing one or more of these certificates now during this sale, they can be redeemed anytime after March 27th 2023 by bringing them to the farm and picking up your feed, or they can be redeemed online through our online store, and the food will be shipped FOR FREE if that is what you prefer. 
Again however, understand that NO FEED WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL March 28th or after associated with these reduced price coupons.
Miss out on this limited time sale and you will be paying full price for fish food once this sale ends after January 2, 2023, and for the rest of the season. So if I were you I would purchase as many certificates as you need to feed your fish all season long. Again , during this sale there is no limit per customer as to how many sale certificates you may purchase. So if you normally use two or more large bags of feed per feeding season, you should purchase the appropriate number of certificates to take full advantage of these savings.

Fish Only Gift Certificates

25% OFF Sale

These gift certificates can only be used to purchase fish and are on sale at 25% OFF! They are also available in various denominations from $25 up to $1000. They can be redeemed at anytime after purchase for fish only.
These reduced price certificates may not be used in addition to any other sales we may have for fish at the time of redemption. In other words you get 25% off our normal retail prices for fish, but if at the time of purchase if they are any other types of sales on fish in addition, you can only get 25% of the normal retail pricing or do not redeem them at the time of any other sales if those sales give you a larger percentage off normal retail prices.


General Gift Certificates

Other certificates from $25 up to $1000 are available and they can be redeemed for anything we stock including fish, products, and/or equipment. However they cannot be redeemed towards pond design. They make great holiday gifts! The Gift Certificates also ship for free!
Sales taxes will be billed separately at the time these gift certificates are redeemed.

Happy Holidays Everyone

Farm Closed to walk in sales for the winter

  • The farm is closed to walk in sales for the winter. We shall reopen sometime around the end of March 2023. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and we will see you in the spring of 2023! Thank you for your continued patronage! Next season you will be blown away by many new varieties as well as even a larger selection of  Koi & Butterfly Koi. We will also have many better quality larger sized fish ! Every grade of fish has gone up in quality, so if you think we had awesome fish in the past, just wait until you see what we have for you in the Spring pf 2023!

Thank You All!

We would like to thank everyone for yet another record breaking season here at HKF! We work very hard to bring you the best quality and healthiest fish available, and it shows.
If you liked our fish in the past, just wait until you see them next season! We have been secretly growing out some of the best fish ever produced, not only here at HKF but in the entire USA! This is not an exaggeration, and expect to have your mind blown by quality unlike you have ever seen anywhere. The 2022 season spawns were also very successful and you will see Koi & Butterfly Koi varieties that you have not seen in a while. The overall selection and overwhelming numbers in stock will also exceed previous seasons if you can believe that!
Again we would like to thank all of our loyal customers, as well as the many new customers that came in the 2022 season. We hope to see you all next spring around the end of March when walk in sales will resume at the farm. We hope you all have a safe and blessed winter and holiday season!


Pre Winter and Winter Tips

If you test your water regularly you can feed your fish up until the point they stop wanting food. You still need to test at least weekly because your filter will slowly decline in its ability to keep the pond free of toxins. You also need to maintain the proper kH and add baking soda as needed to do so. Make sure you monitor the kH all winter long. Begin winter with a kH of 8-9 drops on the test kit. Then maintain it never to go below 5 drops. kH does not deplete near as fast in winter as it does in summer but you still may have to add baking soda in the winter to keep it in the upper ranges from 5-9 drops.
If you do not test your water as you should, then stop feeding the fish once the water gets to 45 DF and holding. Once you stop avoid any further feed even if the water warms a day or two in winter and the fish look to be fed. Do not feed them.
Make sure to test you water parameters if you do experience any warming days in mid winter, as this can warm the pond water and make any ammonia more toxic at that point when the water temps get above 45DF

To Run the Filters or Not?

I prefer to keep things running all winter long. This way if you get some warming spells in winter the filters can help ward off toxins like ammonia and nitrite. However if you experience any extremely cold weather, you need to watch your waterfalls for freezing and spilling water out of the pond as it splashes over ice.
I run mine all winter, but do turn it off on the coldest of days to avoid this waterfall freeze over, and super-cooling of the fish. I then turn it right back on as soon as the severe cold stops. If you attempt this however, you must be careful if your underground plumbing is not very deep. If not deep enough water can freeze in the pipes and break the pipes. So don’t attempt to turn the pump and filters off unless you blow out all the plumbing so that there is no water left in them.
Hanover Koi Farms LLC
1332 Moulstown Rd N
Hanover PA. 17331


We get calls and emails literally daily from folks that purchased sick Koi from Ebay or Koi that have made their entire existing population sick two to four weeks after adding them with their fish. I can tell you for sure that 99% of the sellers of Koi there are not qualified to be dealing in fish! Most of them do not even know the proper breed/variety names of the fish they are selling! Yes, I will agree the fish are cheap there, both in price and quality, but you get what you pay for. In the long run those cheap, low quality fish could end up killing all of your existing fish. So is that really a good deal?  No, in the long run it will cost you dearly when they infect and kill fish you may have had for years. There is a reason they sell these fish so cheaply believe me. With this in mind how much do you think they know about the proper care and treatment of Koi, if they don’t know the variety names? Many folks that experience problems within two to four weeks after adding Ebay fish do not realize what happened because of the delay in symptoms showing up, and therefore never fully realize the problem was brought in by the Ebay fish. This 2 to 4 weeks is the magic time it takes for these ” typhoid Mary ” fish to infect the others.

One of the top sellers on Ebay is also guilty of not knowing the proper variety names, but they also sell both domestic fish from the USA and fish from Israel. Understand that Israeli fish are some of the most dangerous Koi out there as for being carriers of the deadly Koi Harpers virus! So if these sellers do not know the proper variety names of the fish they are selling, you can easily conclude they do not know much about Koi husbandry, treatments, and biosecurity. Also in bringing in dangerous fish from Israel, there is a very strict , time consuming and costly quarantine that needs to be followed. The minimum time these Israeli fish should be isolated in quarantine is six months! This place openly admits that they only do a two week quarantine! If they knew what they were doing they would not be doing such a short, and most likely inefficient quarantine. Also the quarantine protocol for handling such dangerous fish if very specific and complicated, and I doubt they have a clue. The biggest problem with these Israeli fish is they can be carriers of the KHV virus and not get sick or show symptoms themselves. However under the right conditions and stress factors they can infect your existing fish!

 This year the amount of emails and phone calls about these issues have drastically increased, and especially about fish purchased from the most popular sellers on Ebay. These “puppy mill” type Koi sellers are really damaging this wonderful hobby! After all who wants to spend all that money on building a beautiful pond only to fill it with dangerous and even sickly Koi? If you still choose to buy from these very dangerous places, then you had better set up a proper quarantine tank, and properly quarantine and treat them PRIOR to adding with your existing population of fish. As stated if you get imported fish from Israel, you should plan to quarantine them for at least six months, and learn the proper way to quarantine for possible viral carriers.

 You should read these two articles from our website to learn more about Koi pathogens, and proper quarantine.


Pond & Filtration Design


We are no longer involved with pond construction and maintenance itself, but we still are doing pond and filtration designs. We simply do not have the time to supervise these construction and maintenance jobs the way we would like.

No matter who you get to build your pond however, even if it is a DIY project, we can design the proper function and filtration so that anyone can build it. Without proper design, ponds are simply not fun, and most companies in the business of building and maintaining ponds, simply do not know what they are doing. This is especially true with Aquascape Design contractors out there! With our design and equipment however, even they can do the job as long as they follow our design. Done properly they can give you years and years of low maintenance enjoyment! Add our fish to the mix and you could not have a more enjoyable experience with some of the best looking and healthiest fish on this planet!
If you are interested in a design, be it a completely new pond, an upgrade, or just a filtration tweak, we can handle it better than anyone, and give you a very functional design and as low maintenance as you budget allows.

Simply email us at [email protected] and we can discuss your needs and budget.


New Grade Of Fish at HKF

As most of you know, here at HKF we sell Koi and Butterfly Koi by size as well as three primary grades. Our grades from lowest to highest are: Select Grade, Premium Grade, and John’s Pick Grade. We are adding a new grade for Internet sales primarily called “John’s Picks Two Point Ohh! or JP 2.Oh! for short. The Ohh! is because these are the best of the best, handpicked fish from the normal John’s Pick quality fish as the best of the bunch. They will be some of the best you can get at HKF, or some of the most unique found anywhere in the world! They will be priced fairly consistently depending on the sizes. So look for them coming soon to our online store!

Koi Herpes Virus (KHV)

A Serious Issue Out There!

LET ME BE CLEAR….WE do not and have never had this virus. This article is to help those that buy fish from multiple places…especially imported fish.

Biology, History, Quarantine, and what it means to you.

For those of you that don’t already know, this virus was viciously sweeping through the Koi world both nationally and especially internationally starting back around the early 2000’s. It is still around today and actually known to be in many wild streams, lakes and rivers in the USA and abroad. Japan still to this day has serious issues with this virus. As a matter of fact, now in 2019 it has hit quite a few Japanese breeders to some degree, and as well some of these fish were sent to the USA after they were unknowingly purchased by some American dealers. Of course these fish were sold and purchased without the breeders or the USA dealers knowing the virus was present. You see fish can carry the virus until certain stress factors as well as changing temperatures and ranges that cause the virus to break. Carrier fish can have the virus and never get sick themselves. However once introduced to naive fish the virus can and will spread! Some of these dealers that got the virus did the right thing and announced it to the public. I can assure you others got the virus and did not even realize it, and therefore sold the fish! Back when it started there was widespread panic running through the Koi world. Because it is still around and common you still need to be VERY careful where you acquire your fish.

It has always been an important factor where you purchase your fish, but today it is even more important with the recent outbreaks in Imported Koi. There are many farms and dealers out there that do not have the proper quarantine, treatment and biosecurity measures in place, and this has caused the spread of this virus to continue to this day in 2019. How bad is it? Well it is so bad that here at Hanover Koi Farms we have closed the doors to any imported fish whatsoever, be it foreign or domestic, and have been a closed farm since 2007! . Even though we are totally set up biosecurity-wise for bringing in fish from outside sources, we will no longer do it. We have one of the most biosecure farms on the planet, as well as extremely good quarantine protocols, but to further protect my farm from the virus, we have closed the doors to any fish from outside sources. For the most part we never did this anyway, except for purchasing new broodstock. I would love to get some more broodstock from Jap[an but it is simply too dangerous with these recent outbreaks over there. The problem over there is far worse than most hobbyists know.

So with that said, if you still decide to purchase imported fish, then do the proper research and ask them what their protocol is as for assuring their fish do not have this virus. At minimum make sure they have a good biosecurity program in play. This includes a separate system for fish from each breeder they purchase from. If they allow fish from multiple breeders come in contact with each other, there is a far greater risk that they could contaminate their entire population if any one breeder sold carrier fish! then it is a MUST to have a proper quarantine setup. These fish should be in the Quarantine for at least a year in my opinion. Also there is a very specific protocol for housing and treating these fish during the QT process.
More importantly though is that you have a proper QT system that is completely separated by distance and other means from your existing population. The time frame is up to you but as I said I would QT them for at least a year under very specific and controlled protocols. I can’t stress enough how serious this issue is right now, and how dangerous it is to buy Imported fish without the proper quarantine.

While there is testing available for this virus, to date these test are simply not reliable. There is currently NO TEST that can assure with 100% certainty that a fish is not a carrier of this deadly virus. So do not risk your current population no matter whether the fish have been tested or not!

You can read more about proper quarantine on our website at the link below;

Koi & Their Perceived Value

Here is a video that helps new hobbyists begin to understand Koi and their perceived value. I personally would have titled this piece “Why Koi Fish CAN SOMETIMES be so Expensive”, as most Koi sold are within anyone’s budget that would want them. Some of the info in this video is a little off, but for the most part it is generally informative if you don’t understand the world of Koi. No matter I can tell you that some people have more money than sense to pay 1.8 million for a fish!

UPDATE: 10/10/19 This Koi in the video below, purchased for 1.8 million dollars has died!

With that said, understand that the world of Koi and their value is very similar to the world of Dogs. Their are mutts, full breeds, and show winners! Yes there are actually Koi shows. Understand now that Koi are not all valuable just because they are Koi! As a matter of fact, most Koi sold in the USA are considered “mutts”. These are low grade flock -spawned fish of poor quality. Here at HKF all of our fish are selectively bred for superior quality.  With that said we still offer various grades of these selectively bred Koi to meet anyone’s budget. Read our website, or better yet come to the farm and we can teach you what makes one Koi better than another, and thus more valuable. This is clearly visible in our grading sytem and pricing.

Understand that the majority of the Koi offspring do not even make the cut here at the farm. Anywhere from 50% to 95% of each spawn is culled and only the smallest percentage make the cut to our retail tanks! So don’t pay too much for “mutt” Koi just because they are Koi. The Koi that do not make it are referred to as “culls” and this is the grade being sold by many places out there! Not here at HKF!  We can show you the difference in person when you come to the farm and you will quickly see the difference in our fish as compared to what you have seen elsewhere.

So Understand the difference in grades of Koi and pick whichever grade suites your taste and budget. You can see out price list and grading system here:


The New HKF

All winter long Chris and I have been working on this new website. Finally we are able to launch it in time for the upcoming 2017 season. It is not 100% complete but close to it! Every single article has been updated, and this includes new information added to each. As well, we have added tons of photos and videos to make learning about Koi a little more enjoyable. Not to mention I needed something to break up my long winded articles LOL. We added more symptoms with photos and videos to better help you diagnose any issues you may have with your fish. No one has a more comprehensive website for Koi!

Also new this season, in the near future we will be holding online auctions for Koi on the website! This feature will be available sometime after we open for the season and get the fish from the ponds to auction. These will primarily be larger fish or packages of multiple smaller fish. With an auction format you will have a much better chance of getting some great fish below retail!

We are Expanding!

In addition to the new website, the other big news this season is that we are growing the business and expanding our inventory! No, not more fish…we already have more of those than anyone Duh! We will have a very nice selection of pond plants again, including lilies and all the most popular varieties of water plants and marginals. Even bigger news is we will be carrying outdoor and pond associated statuary, chimaneas, bird feeders and much more as the season progresses! We also increased our pond equipment line as well!

More Fish Then EVER!

The retail tanks will be overflowing with thousands of great fish soon! We have more fish than ever, and many new varieties that you have not seen in a while. As usual, you will be pleasantly overwhelmed at our selection. No other place comes close to our selection of Koi and Butterfly Koi. We truly do have more fish in more varieties then you’ve ever seen!

It’s worth the drive!

So, if you are looking for Koi or Butterfly Koi, you need to make the trip to the farm. We can say with confidence that you will not find a better selection ANYWHERE! We promise you will be delightfully overwhelmed at the huge selection and the great pricing! If you are within a day’s drive of the farm, we would highly recommend you make the trip. No one has ever been disappointed! Many folks drive as long as eight hours or more to come here, and some even fly in to be able to personally pick their own fish. If for some reason you can’t make the trip, you can always buy one of our package deals online, and we personally will pick an awesome variety of fish for you. You should also keep in mind, however, that we are also very close to Amish country in Lancaster, as well as historic Gettysburg. So you can even make it part of a long weekend or vacation and pick them yourself.

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