In general, we offer four primary grades of fish here at Hanover Koi Farms, and they are priced based on the grade and the size class they fall within. The grades include Select, Premium , and  John’s Pick Tategoi and Johns Pick Tategoi 2 point OH!. The fish are judged and sorted into one of these grades based on what pure lines of  individual breeds of Koi are suppose to look like according to the Japanese standards for breed/ variety classification.  You should choose grades based on your knowledge of the Koi world or simply buy what appeals to you, and meets your budget. Some people find that learning what constitutes a high quality fish is the most interesting part of the hobby, and even though they do not plan to show fish, they do appreciate the highly valued Koi that fall into the higher grades. We also offer fish that are individually priced. These fish are normally the best of the best, or very unique and rare specimens.

Our specialty is smaller sized fish but we sell many varieties/breeds of Koi and Butterfly Koi. The variety of breeds is what we are known for. Due to the vast selection of different varieties we breed being our primary focus, we specialize in smaller sizes of Koi and Butterfly Koi up to 10″. These sizes are what we have most of at any given time. Sporadically we have larger sizes but the bigger the size the less we have in stock in comparison to smaller ones. We normally only grow fish here at the farm to larger sizes if they are higher quality and/or potential future breeder stock. So understand that the inventory of sizes and classes changes, and this is especially true with larger fish above 12″. We do not stock may of these in comparison to the thousands of smaller sizes. Most folks do not want to pay the price that larger high quality fish command, and therefore we sell primarily the same higher grades in smaller sizes that anyone’s budget can handle.

You have to realize as well, that Koi do not start off in life looking like they end up , or “finish out”. Most varieties start off as young fry, looking fairly drab, and the colors and patterns develop over time and the life of the fish. Each variety, as well as each individual fish tend to take varying times to develop, and this is where it gets tricky. Learning how these varieties develop, as well as recognizing the varying times it may take, is a part of the hobby that takes the longest to learn. In knowing this, you can then understand that the younger fish are the trickiest to judge due to the developing process over their life. This is why young fish are less expensive than larger ones, because there is less guessing as to development in the larger ones. However, if you do learn this part of the hobby, then you can pick younger fish that have potential to turn into the higher valued beauties. Some Koi throughout the world sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars! The last All Japan Show 2006 Grand Champion was said to have sold for $365,000.00 dollars! So, if you can learn about Koi development, you stand a far better chance of being able to pick and purchase these higher quality fish at a less expensive young age. Even though some folks may never plan to show their fish, they still want fish that are, or will be considered valuable.

We have other fish as well, that are priced individually, and  are the best of the Tategoi Quality. These fish are priced based on the highest quality available here at Hanover Koi Farms, and we generally use show judging standards to base this pricing. We also have fish that are priced based on uniqueness and rarity.

Above in the photos you can see a sample of how we grade certain varieties. I try to educate all of my customers as to what makes one fish better than another. Over time, and with some research and experience, you too can learn to critique Koi.

These prices are subject to change at any time I feel like it. 😉

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