Koi & Goldfish Food

Hanover Koi Farms Breeder’s Choice Koi Food and Goldfish Food.

Here at HKF we sell two distinct food types. These are the foods we actually use on the farm for all of our fish, and BOTH can be fed to Koi AND Goldfish!. They are;

42% High Protein  Growth Formula for those seeking rapid growth in immature/younger fish-  if your fish have the genetic potential to grow- they WILL GROW LARGE on this food. A perfect staple diet for growing Koi and goldfish of all sizes.  This food comes in a 1/8″ mini pellet designed for smaller fish but any size fish can eat it easily.

Lower 30% Protein  Color-Enhancing Formula  for mature fish or cold-water environments.  This food contains highly nourishing ingredients that will enhance your fish’s natural red and orange pigment.  In addition to good genetics and proper water quality,  an excellent quality food is essential for Koi to obtain deep, stable patterns. This food comes in a larger 3/16″ pellet designed for larger more mature fish.

Both available in 5lb and 33lb bulk bags.

To redeem your Pre-Buy Gift Certificate for Koi food at the farm, simply bring the certificate with you for redemption and you can take the food with you. There will be sales tax charged at the time of sale that is not covered by the Gift Certificate.

 Using Your Pre Buy Gift Certificate to order food online that requires shipping:

The Pre Buy Gift Certificate Coupons can only be used to order the 33lb size of either the High Protein Mini Pellets or the 33lb Color Enhancing pellet. They may not be used to purchase any 5 lb bags. Any shipping costs and or applicable sales tax will be an additional charge and is not covered by the Gift Certificate/Coupon.

To order our 33lb premium Koi food online  using your HKF Koi Food Pre Buy Gift Certificate follow the steps below;

First select a 33lb bag of our 42% High Protein Growth Formula or our 30% Protein Color Enhancing Formula from our Online Store located in the link below;Once you hit the “Add to Cart” button for the 33lb food you prefer it will take you to the cart page. There you will see a box that says “Coupon“. In this box you will put the Gift Certificate number (located as shown below on the certificate) and then hit the “Apply Coupon” button. Once you do that you will see the cost of the food is deducted from your subtotal. At this point you can continue shopping/ordering other products by hitting the “Return to all Products” button at the top of the page, or you can simply hit “Proceed to Checkout” to finalize your order.

Click on the photos below to select for more details on each

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