Individual Koi for Sale

All the the fish shown here are individual fish for sale unless otherwise noted. Each fish is photographed and you are buying the exact fish shown unless otherwise noted (this will be clearly defined in each product description).

Due to the labor and time involved in putting individual photos online, we normally reserve our online sales for our more expensive fish, categorized by their quality, size or uniqueness. These fish do not represent our average priced fish. If you prefer less expensive fish, let us recommend our fish packages we sell at this link“.

With these package deals you can select the grade of fish that better suite your budget. We then pick you a nice assortment of colors and patterns  with no duplications . This way you get a varied selection. Even though these fish are cheaper in grade and price, they are still far better than most other places highest grades of fish! Also there is only a $50 flat rate shipping deal for each box sold in our packages. These boxes can hold multiple fish as well with the total number depending on the sizes of the fish selected.




Shipping can be costly even though we have very good UPS rates, therefore I HIGHLY recommend you get a shipping quote prior to ordering fish. I will need you zip code as well as the number and size fish you are interested in to be able give a quote prior to you placing the order online. Once you place your order for the fish you will be charged for the fish and sales tax only. I will bill the shipping later with the same payment method used in the order, and send you an email regarding the costs, as well as to set up a ship date.

All shipping of fish is done on Tuesdays only for Wednesday delivery. The fish are usually sent Next Day service unless you are within one day Ground service from my location, represented by the Yellow Region on the map below. Ground service may be utilized in these areas as they will still arrive in one day from shipping. Ground shipping is considerably less expensive and I use it whenever possible.  The Yellow highlighted area is where next day delivery Ground service is available from our location.  If you live in this region, shipping costs will be significantly less expensive.

We utilize five sizes of shipping boxes and we will use the minimum box size required for the size and quantity of the fish you purchase.  This is to assure you pay the cheapest shipping possible.  In most cases we can combine multiple fish into one box to achieve the lowest possible shipping cost.  Because of this, it would be in your best interest to purchase multiple fish, since these can be packed into a single box for a single shipping cost: potentially the same shipping cost it would take to ship a single fish.  As you can see, the shipping cost would be spread out over multiple fish, instead of a single fish.  This gives you a cheaper shipping cost per fish!



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