120 watt Pentair (formerly Emperor) High Output Series UV Lights (3840 GPH)


120 watt Pentair (formerly  Emperor) High Output series UV complete unit. Suggested flow rate to kill green water algae is 3840 GPH and the maximum flow rate of 4600 GPH. This is considering a turnover rate of once per hour complete system volume through the filtration.

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 These are the same exact high quality units made formerly by Emperor Aquatics. The only difference now is the name as Pentair bought Emperor. These  high-quality ultraviolet sterilizers feature a watertight sealed design and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. The SMART UV reduces microorganisms through ultraviolet light. The units have a 3” inside diameter and 1 1/2” slip union. They are an excellent choice for everything from small Koi ponds to large recirculating systems. Units feature Low Pressure lamps with a 12,000 hour effective life. These SMART UV units feature remote-style ballasts with 16’ power cords. Units are 115V/60 Hz

One-year warranty on ballasts, limited lifetime warranty on the housing and 90-day warranty on lamps.

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Weight .00001 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 3.5 in
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