Pond Salinty Meter (NEW LOWER PRICE!)

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This Digital Salinity (salt) Meter will quickly and accurately measure the salinity of your water.  Use this meter to accurately dose your pond with salt, and even calculate your pond’s size in gallons EXACTLY.

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There is no easier, faster, or more accurate method of testing salinity than this digital total dissolved solids (salt/salinity) meter.  This meter reads salinity in PPM (parts per million)  of your pond or aquarium.

This salt meter can be used to accurately dose your pond or aquarium with salt, to protect against Nitrite poisoning or as a health treatment (see our Koi Treatments article for details).


  • Measures salinity from 0-9990 PPM
    • Measures 0-999 PPM at a resolution of 1 PPM
    • Measures 1000-9990 PPM at a resolution of 10 PPM
  • Powered by two 1.5v (button cell) batteries
  • Auto shut off
  • Data Hold- keeps the reading on the screen for easy viewing
  • Factory calibrated



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